KALON         a natural skincare brand inspired by the ancient Greek word "kalos," which means beauty. The brand's philosophy is centered around promoting natural beauty and wellness, and it is committed to creating products that are both effective and gentle on the skin. KALON specializes in natural creams and lotions that are formulated using high-quality raw ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils, and vitamins. 

Animal Voices
        A careful naturalist will understand much from the voices of the animals she has studied long. Even a child knows the difference of a cat’s miauling and purr-ing. The faculty may be greatly developed.
The failures in life 
become the manure in death.

The real, or ‘as if’, with unsuitable substitution leads only to instability through dissatisfaction.

ArchiSustain        ArchiSustain Design is a Copenhagen-based architecture studio founded in 2015 by Danish architects Thomas Christensen, Anne Larsen, and Peter Jensen. The firm specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible architecture that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. ArchiSustain Design's design process prioritizes the needs and aspirations of its clients, the site context, and the environmental impact of each project.

        To see ourselves with our eyes open, that is the problem, and to explore our ultimate participations now embedded deeply in layer upon layer of extraneousness: nothing is beyond recall.
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The subconscious energies that pervade the mind-stuff of humanity are known to the Children of Maat as the Forgotten Ones.  
There is no Ultimate: everything becomes from what has gone before, because of changing ultimates determined by our valuation of things.
The Life-Force is the greater logic we overlook by our blind ethics.

The proper creation or formulation of a magical universe
Times, Spaces, Dimensions
        The subtle antennae of the Tree (our psycho-sensory apparatus) will indeed fold into a sphere compact of all times and spaces simultaneously. The sphere will diminish to a dot, a bindu, a title which will vanish utterly, and that which remains will be No Thing. But it is the work of each individual so to cultivate those antennae that they respond to the slightest vibration from those ‘other’ times, those ‘other’ spaces, those ‘other’ dimensions that are in very truth Herself.
The projection of it on to the plasmic mirror-substance of the Outer
The successful installation of the Adept as the centre of his universe

The reality we know is interconnected with the unseen by some design of thought we have yet to know.
            All thoughts are presupposed from other suppositions that have reality in a differential of Reality: otherwise there would be an irreflexive unalterable zero plus zero.
Prof. George Bruno