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Diploma in Advanced Design Studies
Impact on Visual Identity Development

Dalton Maag

Mastered the ability to analyze and leverage the emotional influence of design elements to create compelling and effective visual identities that resonate with target audiences. Additionally, honed my skills in creating and refining digital and hand-drawn designs to meet high professional standards.

Learned advanced techniques for adjusting design elements to ensure optimal clarity and readability across different sizes and formats, which is crucial for maintaining brand consistency.

Gained expertise in translating and adapting visual elements across multiple systems, ensuring visual consistency and professionalism in bilingual and multilingual design projects.

Developed the ability to critically evaluate design elements for various contexts, including different sizes, print versus digital formats, target audience preferences, and their compatibility with other visual components, ensuring the most effective use of design in all projects.

Advanced Professional Certificate
Holistic Branding Strategies


Studies on the role of designers in relation to marketing and sales was examined, alongside the impact of project scale on design methodology.

Research on global design trends versus local identity and comparisons of branding in the private and public sectors, highlighting that branding reflects broader cultural and sociological conditions.

Key insights were gained into the connection between a brand's image and its core essence, emphasizing thorough research and deep understanding of design subjects and their contexts. Additionally, a project related to these themes was developed, determined during the initial discussions

Master Degree (MSc)
Product Design

Hellenic University of Greece (IHU)
Department of Digital Arts

Acquired advanced skills in digital arts, focusing on innovative product design. The program emphasized user-centered design, sustainable practices, and the integration of digital tools to create functional and aesthetically pleasing products.

Gained proficiency in design software, prototyping, and project management, preparing me for a career in modern product development.

Specialized in product design theory, UI/UX fundamentals, and digital design and explored marketing design, product identity, and program training.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Applied Graphic Design Arts

Institute of Vocational Training Delta 360°
Department of Graphic Design

Studied the fundamentals of design, creative thinking, and art history.

Developed a strong foundation in visual communication, typography, and layout design. The program focused on both traditional and digital media, enhancing my skills in creative problem-solving, branding, and user experience design.

Design Studio
Lead Creative Designer
Lead and mentor creative teams, ensuring high-quality output and professional growth.

Develop and execute innovative design concepts aligning with client goals and brand identity.

Interact with clients to understand needs, present concepts, and incorporate feedback.

Mitsis Group
Head Designer
Oversee the overall rebranding creative vision and strategy, ensuring alignment with brand objectives.

Manage and mentor the entire design team, fostering innovation and maintaining high standards.

Collaborate with stakeholders to communicate design direction, gather feedback, and ensure project success.

Multinational Corporation
Senior Graphic Designer & Packaging Development Specialist
Design and develop innovative packaging solutions that align with brand identity and market trends.

Lead and mentor junior designers, ensuring high-quality work and professional development.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure packaging designs meet functional and aesthetic requirements.

Educational Institution
Instructor of Applied Arts
Develop and deliver comprehensive curricula in applied arts, fostering student creativity and technical skills.

Mentor and guide students through hands-on projects, ensuring high-quality learning experiences.

Collaborate with faculty and industry professionals to integrate current trends and practices into the curriculum.